Interview of Syed Hassan Ahmed

Syed Hassan Ahmed

1. How did Whales College contribute to your success in A levels?

One of the smartest decisions that the administration has taken is to hire these incredible teachers. It’s because of the management that we have these teachers, that we have compiled notes and past papers. Our teachers have contributed efforts in our grades because they taught us so well, and they were willing to take extra classes even on our days off

2. How did you study in your A Levels to get these amazing grades?

I used to study normally, one to two hours everyday, however, I was very consistent when it came to quizzes, assignments and tests. I used to take these small tests very seriously and study for them only an hour or two at home, while giving full attention in the class. Of course all of these things helped me prepare for my exams, so I didn’t have to study that much for the exam either. The system worked, I was ready by the time mocks came. I also used a lot of reference books, other than notes, and used to ask my teachers every time I didn’t understand a concept.

3. How was the no-tution strategy important in pushing you to study?

Students themselves can study really well with the flexible schedule without tutions. The student, without tutions is forced to put in the effort. Along with the teachers notes and past papers, you make your own notes and you are forced to become independent when it comes to studying, not just relying on tutions to get you through A levels.

4. How has the examination system in Whales help you prepare for CIE?

The greater number of exams you take, the more opportunity you give the students to study. We have four exams, regular classes, tests and quizzes. Each exam helps you remember a part of the course, so you don’t have to study everything in bulk. Since every student has his/her own capacity, some of them study right before exams, others study regularly, this exam system caters to all of them.

5. Whales College emphasizes on quizzes, assignments more than any other A level school. How do you think this contributed to your grades?

It enforces a system of academics that forces people to study consistently, and also ensures they are well prepared for exams.

6. What makes Whales College unique and different from others?

Whales College focuses on Academics the most. Teachers are always running after the students and are highly focused on their progress. In other schools, teachers are mostly unavailable regarding extra study sessions, so students are forced to take tutions if they don’t understand concepts in class. More importantly, Whales is able to balance extra-curricular and studies, with more focus on studies these days. Other schools just focus on extra-curricular mostly.

7. Are you studying here on a scholarship? If yes, how much has that scholarship contributed to your hard work?

Yes, I’m on a 100% scholarship now, previously I was on 75%. I have this drive to be the best, to be better than everyone else in every walk in life, and this drive allowed me to get a scholarship by achieving high grades. Its also a good motivator for students whose parents cant afford to send them to A levels

8. What was the most challenging subject for you and how did you overcome the challenge?

Chemistry! I was a little weak, it was a difficult subject, there were a lot of concepts to understand and things to remember. Self study, sir’s notes, the internet all of those helped. Then I also used to run after my teachers so they would help me out after class. Anything I didn’t understand I would approach them about it. Now I like chemistry because my teachers are able to explain it to me so well. I got an A in both my Chemistry papers thanks to them.

9. What are your plans for the future and how did Whales College contribute to those plans?

I will be applying in NUST for engineering. Whales gave me the base that I needed to establish in order to become the best and study in one of the top universities in the city. I got good grades, which speak for my knowledge and which will also allow me to get into a big university.

10. Academically speaking, where do you place Whales College among other A level schools

Academically Whales College is much better than other schools because other schools are taking the competition for Whales College very seriously. They consider Whales as a tough competitor amongst the schools of A levels. We have Sir Wahaj who is considerate and genuine with the students, keeping an eye on weak students, counseling them and helping them by giving them extra classes which is not heard off in other A level schools.

11. What message would you give to prospective students of Whales College with regard to studies?

 Study well and study on time. Take tests very seriously, follow the teacher in studies. As your queries as soon as possible, so you don’t get confused later on and solve past papers, lots of them. And the student teacher bond is extremely important in A levels so that you can approach them whenever you have any kind of issue.

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