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Shahzeb Amjad

Tayyab Tufail

Tayyab Tufail, son of Mr. Tufail-ur-Rehman, is on merit scholarship at Whales College because of his outstanding results in AS Level where he earned straight A’s. He is a hardworking and dedicated student availing the `SINGLE FEE, DOUBLE ADVANTAGE` scheme to the fullest. Throughout the session, he showed excellent performance in academics and understood the value of education and maintained great discipline.

Kiran Muzaffar

Kiran Muzzaffar, daughter of Mr. S. Muzaffar Hussain, is the very sought-after sports star of WHALES. She has participated in almost every kind of sport and has made WHALES college proud. The broad exposure that Kiran has received in Whales College regarding extra-curricular makes her more than happy to be part of this A levels experience.

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Syed Hassan Ahmed

Syed Hassan, son of Mr. S. Ayaz, is impressed with the `Single Fee - Double Advantage` policy of Whales College and is utilizing the facilities and staff provided by Whales to the fullest. He’s on a full scholarship from Whales College and this also drives him to achieve the same kind of success in any area of life.

Hiba Badar

Hiba Badar, daughter of Mr. S. Badar Ali is the star of WHALES college. This college provided her with a platform to launch the first ever WHALEMUN 2016. She scored 3A* and 3As in her O levels and has maintained a scholarship from the start of her A`level program at Whales College. She is an all-rounder, having balanced her academics and her extra-curricular beautifully.

Syed Muzammil Ali Shah

Syed Muzammil, son of Mr. S. Mumtaz, is studying in Whales college on 100% merit scholarship and is not only a very hard working and passionate student, but is also dedicated to his academics, provided by Whales College. He has an outstanding result in his AS, getting straight As resulting in the continuation of his scholarship in Whales College.

Muhammad Affan Sheikh

Affan Shiekh, son of Mr. Abdul Sheikh, is studying in Whales college on a 100% merit scholarship, due to his excellent grades in O levels. Impressed with the faculty and the system of academics at  Whales College, he has utilized the "NO TUTION" policy and used it to his advantage, securing straight As and his scholarship in A levels.

Rohail Aftab

Miss Aliya