Testimonials by Students

My journey at Whales College has been very joyful and I look forward to spending another year here. The college provided us with an opportunity to carry out extra-curricular activities along with our academics, giving us opportunities in various fields, such as, sports and public speaking. ‘Impeccable faculty’, ‘efficient administration’, ‘regular past paper practice’ and ‘preparation of aptitude tests’, is what attracted me to Whales College! Apart from the welcoming atmosphere and the engaging faculty, the best characteristic about the college is the learning methodology, which is quite professional in terms of multimedia presentations, the E- library and provision of hard copies of notes and past papers

Rija Ali
"Life at WHALES was an experience of a life time and I will never ever forget the time spent here. And the things I learned here. Made some great friends and gained knowledge from the best teachers".

Whales College has been an amazing blend of great devoted teachers, restless hard work from the staff and some beautiful memories. One will never find himself cut off as the Whales family will never walk you alone. Everyone is welcomed here with open hearts. The teachers are amongst the best there is to offer for A Levels education. With such efforts from teachers alongside with some great people, Whales College offers a healthy atmosphere for both education and co-curricular. I hope and pray Whales College prospers and there will be a time in very near future that Whales College will be amongst the biggest landmarks in A levels education. Live long the rising tides.

My name is Taha Shahzad and I’m currently a student of AS commerce 2. My journey in WHALES so far was pretty good. I found my strengths and tried to overcome my weaknesses. WHALES College gave me opportunities to show my strengths, for example I hosted the welcome party and Reels and Grills with Aitesam. I have been an active member of the event management team and we have catered events throughout the year that went marvelous. I would like to thank everyone in the administration my giving me a chance to show my potentials. And I’m looking forward at my next and final year at WHALES.

My college experience is one that holds many pleasant memories for me. I began the journey as a scared rat out in the open desert, but made the best of it and trudged forward becoming a willful tiger and this all happened because of my teachers in Whales College who encouraged me to work hard to get good grades. I just want to say thank you for all you have done to help me over the year. The dedication, support and motivation of each of the staff is remarkable and enables students like myself to achieve their dreams, Thanks to Sir wahaj Hussain as well!

My experience at Whales College was awe-inspiring. In these 2 years, I met some awesome friends and very dedicated teachers. The presence of the teachers at our CIE Exam Venue to boost our morale speaks volumes about their dedication. Sir Imran, our campus manager was also very co-operative. The best part about Whales was that I got my ECAT’s preparation in the college hours along my A levels so I didn’t have to go tuition centers in the evening and waste my time and energy. - Rohail Aftab, A2 Science 1.

The three years at WHSS from O3 to A2 had been amazing. I have learned a lot and made great friends. The teachers guided us in both aspects of life i.e. academics and social life. The administration was very helpful and supporting.

Faculty of Whales College, one word, excellent. Being available for the students 24/7 is not an easy task but they perform it with perfection. I am so very satisfied with the studies here. Sir Wahaj Hussain being an active part of this program is too very cooperative. He not only solves students’ problems regarding studies but also appreciates them. Being a parent we are so concerned about our childrens’ studies but no doubt they have proven themselves as their path finders .

Ever since I stepped the threshold of Whales College, I didn’t feel extraterrestrial as I was anticipating. It hardly took me a day or 2 to fine-tune with the exquisite people all around the campus and it feels like none less than a family. Apart from that, the faculty and other facilities crossed my imagination boundary and then I was contented that I have stepped in the right place.

Hiba Badar
It has been a great journey since the start with Whales. I can never be more satisfied with the teaching patterns that are adopted here and would love to continue my A levels 2nd year. `Whales being a place of quality education has given me more than I expected.

“Whales, for me is not merely an institute. I have achieved what seemed to be impossible before. Greater involvement in studies, sports activities, competition and motivation by teachers helped me considerably. Moreover, I aim to achieve more in the future. With limitless opportunities, support and guidance I can say that whales has been a second home for me!”

Ahsen Ahmed Khan
Hey guys! What should I say about my journey at WHALES COLLEGE it cannot be described in word! Back in O-levels I was very brand conscious especially in selecting A-LEVEL college like every O-L graduate I had created my mind to do my A-LEVELS from a very renowned and prestigious college in town but my experience with so called TOP SCHOOLS was not satisfactory to continue my brand loyalty and truly I was on the horns of dilemma to decide WHAT was RIGHT and WRONG for. After a long discussion with my parents my mother made a decision of sending me to WHALES COLLEGE for A-LEVELS. And my entire dream for A-LEVEL came crashing down. From here my journey started at WHALES COLLEGE and in the start I was not able to accept the reality and what was I wondering? That this program would be as same as coaching center where there would be no social life and famed teachers like other schools but all my assessment went wrong and WHALES started to spread its tentacles in both academics and extracurricular activities and in less than a month I was praising my mother decision on getting me into WHALES COLLEGE and these WHALES COLLEGE as undoubtedly helped me to build my confidence level with additional skills necessary in an individuals student life. Today I can proudly say that I have been a part of WHALES COLLEGE as a first batch of morning venture and I am moving on to the next step of life with INDELIBLE MEMORIES! *LOVE YOU WHALES COLLEGE*

Syed Mohammad Faisal
When I reflect on my previous year in the Wahaj Hussain`s Morning Program, I conclude that the experience not only made me a better student, but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career and future life. Through workshops with incredibly supportive classmates, and faculty who were nothing short of champions, I was challenged to discover a voice I didn`t know I had. That voice has played a central role in my work, as writing is vital to thinking, to planning, to imagination, to communication, and to engagement. Having been shaped in part by the collegian and creative, yet rigorous, environment at WHALES, I found myself able to communicate, innovate, and collaborate in ways that enabled me to build a personality that with holds a brain full of ideas and can express his thoughts comparatively better than others, and eventually to find a rewarding path for my career and future life.

Syed Dabeer Ali
I am a part of WHALES since my last academic year ! MY experience here was the best from all of my previous schools and institutions where I had put up my all efforts for achieving success but in here I have achieved my entire set goals of life ! Apart from the academic solutions here i have been given chances to show by skills in other co-curriculum activities ! I think WHALES has now turned out to be the best of all in town !

Dawood Khan
Well, it has been a whole new ride and a very different one. Especially because being the deputy head. And the table tennis captain. I`m really looking forward to have an even better session with the WHALES family now.

Sobia Aleem (AS Science)
It takes at least something to become a part of any institution, especially when you enter at a crucial time when you`re standing at a distance of 4 months from the CIE, but WHALES stood for me with open arms and took me in as not only a part but as family giving all the warm opportunities a student can ask for. This college has given me much in return and not far ahead, I see a very bright and unmatched education system.

S.H.M Farhan (AS Science)
WHALES for me, turned out to be something much more than just an educational institution. It was more like a community to me.

Aamir Ahmed Bhutto (A2 Commerce)
When I think about my experience, there are many things that come to my mind. Some of them re good memories, bad memories, mistakes, lessons, happiness, heartbreak, misfortune, joy, drama and most importantly fun. I learned many valuable life lessons as well as made lifelong friends. It was tough but overall a great experience that I will soon miss.

Warda Touqir (A2 Commerce)
This year at WHALES enabled me to explore and outstretch the dynamics of life, be it academic or social. As introduced ME to myself in a renewed manner. Hoping forwards more exposure of life and academic excellence in the next session at WHALES. Insha`Allah.

Syed Jary Rizvi (AS Commerce)
First year at WHALES has been a life changing experience. You find everyone here very cooperative and friendly, and this is the reason why it took me to no time to make a place here. I look forward to an even better year ahead and I hope to continue my journey of increasing knowledge and expanding my circle.

Abdus Salam (AS Commerce)
WHALES COLLEGE provided me with numerous fun filled and learning experiences. It gave me the opportunity to find my hidden talents and work towards them. Apart from this I never find any recruitment of the subject teachers. And one thing for my juniors gives respect and you`ll get respect the same.

Ali Hamza (A2 Commerce)
WHALES College is the place in which I built up my self confidence, improved my academics due to great experienced faculty and increased my social circle. It actually helped me to know and understand my each and every subject thoroughly. The admin and faculty here is so good and understanding that it helps to make college environment friendly. WHSS apart from studies also encourages the co-curriculum activities. All the credit goes to our honorable Sir Wahaj Hussain.

Maria Hayder (AS Commerce)
My words aren`t enough to describe my amazing experience at WHALES. It was hell of an experience filled with memories. I learned a lot from the students and teachers here, made some amazing friends. I did have my ups and downs but in all it was a wonderful experience worth cherishing. GO WHALES.

Muneeb Mustafa (A2 Science)
WHALES has polished my abilities which due to lack of confidence I lacked. It has been an awesome ride, not only did WHALES managed to be superior in Education but also in other activities, when it comes to the teacher now I blindly trust them and consider that we are being taught by well trained and experienced teachers which teach by the depth of their heart. I hope and wish WHALES will work more effectively with same enthusiasm in the upcoming year.

Haris Nasim (AS Commerce)
WHALES have proved to be the best institution for me so far. I am glad to be a part of this amazing college. I found the greatest teaching faculty under one roof who taught me how to reach to the heights of success. Alhamdullilah, I wish to learn and experience much more from WHALES in the upcoming year.

Zaina Faiyaz (AS Commerce)
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