Testimonials by Parents

We are very much satisfied and happy from what Whales College has offered in such a short time. The education here is matchless along with a healthy atmosphere for students. The staff is very much cooperative with teachers aiding the students and parents are kept informed regarding happenings in the college. Good education in very affordable costs is blessing for parents in this era. All of this is not usually provided in rest of the notable A levels Colleges. Our best wishes are with Whales College and that they keep on the good work for years to come.

PArent`s Of Talal
Our son Taha Shahzad is a student of WHALES College AS commerce. Since he has joined WHALES we have seen a lot of improvements in him. His academic results improved and he also started to participate in extracurricular activities. We like to thank Sir Wahaj Hussain as he also helped our son in improving his grades. Our decision of sending our son to WHALES College was a great decision.

Parent`s of Taha
This is my most sincere gratitude for the enthusiasm, motivation and commitment of all your teachers... Whales College is everything a parent could wish for their child. The commitment, enthusiasm and dedication of your teachers is just amazing- a job well done. We were delighted with the personal attention your staff gave to our daughter. She gained the very best advice for her studies. Thank you Whales for making my daughter able to achieve her goals. SyedaNazneen Hashmi (Mother) Syed Wakeel Hashmi (Father)

Mother of Salka
We are fully satisfied with Whales College. They dispatch the results to homes so that we were aware of our child`s performance. Our son did not need any private tuitions in these 2 years, thus reducing our financial burden. Then, at the end of the year, our son got rewarded for his hardwork by the institute at the `Prize Distribution Ceremony` which was a big honour for us. - Rohail Aftab`s parents.

Parent`s Of Rohail
The very first day I stepped into WHSS, my head was going through a sea of million thoughts. Fear of not fitting in, with new people and environment. But all my thoughts went out of the window once I joined in. The time flew by, in haze, and all I could say it was the best experience ever. WHSS has surely given me the chance to prove myself and I am happy and proud of the person who I am today. But my passion and the efforts I put into, I made sure to give whatever it took to achieve my goals. I wasn’t alone though, my mother had helped me through hard times and for that I will always be grateful to her and yes I came across some people, who now, mean the world to me. I will always be thankful to the faculty of WHSS. They are the hardest working teachers I have seen in my entire life. Being there for each and every student 24/7.This success was a team work.

Parent`s of Mishgan
We were greatly concerned with our daughter’s anger not allowing her admission in colleges at defence area. It was bothering us whether she’d be pleased with our decision but then Whales college proved to be none less than any other college in the town and we are satisfied with her progress and happy with the scholarship Whales College offered her for her grades which no other college she applied, gave.

Parent`s of Hiba Badar
There is nothing much more satisfying than choosing the right place to educate our ward and choosing Whales have proved to be satisfying to a great extent. We hope the lackings will be covered up and our child will be welcomed with much improved academic conditions the following year.

Parent`s of Anas
"Whales College defines the meaning of a true educational institute. They really respect and care about their students. My son never had to worry about anything because Whales College guided him and provided the best of facilities they can. There are many unique features of this institute that make it outstanding. "

Mother of Ahsen Ahmed Khan
•“Very respectful and caring staff. Quality studying kit provided to students. I prefer WHALES COLLEGE for every student who comes to study in KARACHI.”

WHALES COLLEGE is a reputed name amongst the most competitive COLLEGEs in town. It has marked history by sustaining the needs of the young adults of today, preparing them for a better tomorrow. Therefore, I M.Ashraf Khanani have been honored to enroll my daughters Hafsa Ashraf of As-level and Rafia Ashraf of O-level in this institution and as a parent I have witnessed the endless hard work of the entire faculty together with the administration that has given me a feeling of even more than satisfaction. The institution has managed to bring out the best from the students by bridging the gap between them and the Director of the institution himself, Mr WHALES COLLEGE, who has always been available to resolve the problems of both the students and also the parents, providing the level of comfort at its best for both, unlike any other COLLEGE .The teachers also, have been very keen for the student`s academic year and have been available for them till the last day of their CIE examinations. Furthermore, the COLLEGE`s administration staff has been very cooperative, arranging extra classes for the students and compensating for any class missed. Several workshops were also conducted to provide a phenomenal interaction with the students of other COLLEGEs. The COLLEGE catered events, keeping in mind the student`s break through from a tough routine. Hence, being a part of this institution gives me no regrets for the upcoming year.

M. Ashraf Khanani Father of Hafsa Ashraf
As parents, we admire the efforts made by your institution. We believe that the combination of coaching and schooling is a good experiment as it helps the student to get maximum benefits from the same teachers in morning and evening. Teaching material like notes, workbooks etc were as very relevant. However there is room for improvement. And we hope that WHALES COLLEGE will prosper with dominant success in its future.

Syed Farhat Ali Hashmi Father of Muhammad Umair Hashmi
I Mr. Mehmood Abdullah have currently two children studying in WHALES COLLEGE and I am really satisfied by the teaching staff and their commitment towards giving proper education to students. The uniqueness of WHALES COLLEGE is the affordability of elite level education with coaching classes as well. The dedication support and motivation of each staff is remarkable and enables children to achieve their dreams.

Mehmood Abdullah Father of Mubashir Mehmood
WHALES is the perfect combination of outstanding teachers and co-operative admin. The efforts of the faculty of WHALES COLLEGE have actually made doing A levels without tuitions possible, this not only saves our money, but also provides Mahnoor with ample time for self-study. Providing quality education was never this easy before. Not every college is capable of providing teachers with such good command on their subject to their students, leave alone discussing in class each and every problem that their students come across. The easily approachable and such a co-operative admin is a bonus. Students do not have to write lengthy applications that run through several hands and reach the Principal several weeks after they have been written, students can directly discuss their academic problems and ideas about co-circular activities with the campus head. Moreover, the co-circular activities organized by the institute have not only boosted Mahnoor`s self confidence but by providing students the chance to organize events themselves has made her a lot more sensible and practical. In conclusion, the overall change in my daughter`s personality after her affiliation with the institute has made me more than satisfied with her decision to switch COLLEGE.

Anila Kamran Mother of Mahnoor Fatima
We found that WHALES is a wonderful place for our children. The staff is cooperative friendly and goes out of their way to help parents and students feel comfortable. There were a lot of opportunities for growth with very positive atmosphere. the faculty/teachers are always available at any time for helping students in academics. WHALES gives quality education during COLLEGE timings which gives chances for students to do self study. After joining WHALES we saw good extent of improvement in Umar academic and we hope inshAllah he will be able to obtain good grades in A2 too. Aameen

Mohammad Irshad Father of Umer Irshad
Reflecting back through 2 years of college journey of our daughter Fatima Jusani, We can proudly state that WHALES has been consistently providing quality education. This was the vision of Sir Wahaj which has been transformed into reality by the joint efforts of the students, faculty, administrative and domestic staff WHALES is an institution that does not only provide quality education but also appreciate its students through certificates, gifts and shields so that the students are motivated to work hard. They have employed the well known teachers in their college, who teach their students with full enthusiasm and efforts, without which the students would not have been able to perform well. The credit goes to Sir Wahaj for developing his teachers to bring out the best in their pupils. He himself is a very hardworking person, who has worked hard to make WHALES a well known college in Karachi, his efforts cannot be denied. He not only give admissions to students who belongs to well off families but also encourage the admissions of those who cannot pay for their education but are brilliant students through scholarships and other financial incentives. Lastly for these achievements WHALES is rightly the first choice of parents for the education of their children. I conclude a positive note and thank the COLLEGE management teachers for their support and cooperation and bringing out the best in my daughter.

Mohammad Nisar Amin Jusani Father of Fatima Jusani
I highly recommend WHALES to all my relatives and friends. My experience with the schools administration has been above satisfactory. I have no regrets in placing my child in the COLLEGE systems care and thank them for helping my child reach his full potential. The teachers are very helpful and hard working as well as the staff.

Shahana Mansoor Mother of Zawar Mansoor
My daughter Ayesha Siddiqui has studied in WHALES through her AS and I must say this institute played a vital role in her academic improvement. Throughout the year complete guidance regarding to her syllabus and queries have been giving to her. Teachers of WHALES were quite friendly and answered her readily whenever she asked their help. Syllabus was completed on time and teachers paid special attention in all those areas where she lacked. As a father I found myself quite satisfied regarding my daughter`s last academic session. And I really hope that my daughter may get good grades in here CIEs. And I must say WHALES management and faculty played their part with great responsibility and professionalism.

Zakiya Shaheen Mother of Ayesha Sidiqui
Overall a good experience. When we enrolled our child at WHALES, it was only because they claimed to be the best at what they do. We took a risk and it paid off. We were so impressed by the teaching methods that we admitted Mustafa`s younger brother and also recommended it to our relatives.

Syed Kamal Asghar Father of Mustafa Kamal
We both are truly happy to know that our daughter Zaina Faiyaz had been selected as one of the good students to be a part of WAHAJ HUSSAIN`S website. It`s an honor for both of us to see this. We both always tried to select best for her and we are glad that we allowed her to be a part of WHALES COLLEGE because it has proved to be a really great institution which has taught my daughter a lot of good things. Seeing her praising her college and teachers makes us proud of WHALES COLLEGE. I thank WHALES for every possible thing that they did for their children. I hope that WHALES always succeed in their goals of making their Children a better person. WHALES has proved to be a great institution of learning which focuses on studies more than any other thing. I`m sure that every parent would be happy to make their children a part of WHALES.

Shaista Faiyaz mother of Zaina Faiyaz
My name is Ruby Naseem. I am proud of Haris and WHALES as well. WHALES has made my child polish the abilities which were in him. I am impressed of the Admin specially Sir Imran Ali Dogar who helped us throughout the year to solve the problems which my child faced. When it comes to the teachers now I blindly trust them and consider that my child is being taught by well trained and experienced teachers which teach by the depth of their heart. I am glad after hearing Haris Naseems positive response regarding WHALES. I Hope and wish WHALES will work more effectively with same enthusiasm in the upcoming sessions.

Ruby Naseem Mother of Haris Naseem
This is M. Kaleem Khan, Father of Saher Kaleem. Foremost I really appreciate sir Wahaj Hussain for managing his institute very well. The reason I choose WHALES COLLEGE for my daughter was that I did not want her whole day to be consumed in school and then coaching classes. I got to know about WHALES COLLEGE who guarantee double benefits in one fees. I trusted it and it lived up to my expectations. With the help of good teachers and my daughter`s hard work she achieved great grades in 03.

M. Kaleem Khan Father of Saher Kaleem
WHALES COLLEGE is better than the previous COLLEGE of my children. Here in single fees my children are being taught by famous teachers in Karachi. In previous COLLEGE they have COLLEGE in morning. In WHALES COLLEGE they don`t have to take any extra tuitions or classes which gives them time for their self studies. There is just one problem in WHALES COLLEGE that extra classes are not held in COLLEGE timing. Students who live far face lots of convince problem. Teachers should try to complete the syllabus so that they don`t need to take an extra class which is comfortable for them as well as for students.

Arif Jan Mohammad Father of Warda Khan
I am very sensitive and touchy about my children education there fore I have chosen WHALES COLLEGE for his reputation in education industry.
The institution is serving very well and put lot of efforts to produce good results. The teachers put dedicated efforts by providing extra coaching classes and finished syllabus prior to MOC.
However, The faculty is enthusiastic and dedicated. over all they do not leave any stone unturned to give quality education to the students.

Dr. Syed Masood Akhter
GM Marketing & Sales
WHALES COLLEGE has provided us with its best facilities. The faculty has satisfied me and my both daughters Shafia Ali and Afia Ali. The procedure of sending result via post is very excellent method and placing first priority on student`s complains and queries and taking action is very well method to convince parent`s to admit their children at WHALES. A little boost in your administration staff can bring wonders to the organization. JazakAllah for your educational services. Hoping for your co-operation in future too. I.A!

Mohammad Ali Shamsi F/O Shafia & Afia Ali
I find WHALES COLLEGE an exciting, creative and challenging place to learn and to acquire knowledge for my child. To me, this is a place where all students are encouraged to develop their potential to fullest. I think this is a rewarding place for my child. The teachers here are intelligent, and dedicated professionals who take their vocation seriously. In fact, I find this institution best for my child whose teachers are always willing to teach. Seeing such high quality of education.

Syed Masood Pervez F/O Syed Moiz Hussain
We are only a middle class family, though very optimistic about the futures of our children but couldn`t afford Cambridge system of education (O/A-Levels), my son was in need of tuitions so he couldn`t have continued his studies at his previous school and take tuitions. Through WHALES COLLEGE Morning program , my son had the courtesy of studying with some of the best teachers in the city in an affordable tuition-free environment. He walked out with straight A*`s , a result which couldn`t be expected from him before. I hope the institute keeps on improving its schooling system. I wish them all the best for the foreseeable future.

Rehan Mehmood Janjua Father of Saqib Rehan
We as parents have always appreciated the high standards of education which your esteemed institution is imparting to its students which undoubtedly pave way for ensuring their bright future. Umer and we as his parents are mentally and psychologically disturbed due to his accident and pray to Allah for his early recovery, prior to his exams We have felt the need to place direct communications with (Mr. WHALES COLLEGE Owner of WHALES COLLEGEs and Administrator WHALES COLLEGE) to express a concern which relates to academic problem which was being faced by our son Umer Mughal studying in "O-3". This eventuality occurred due to his accident in late February 2014 upon his return to home from school in which he got his leg fractured and serious injured. We had detailed discussion with Mr. WHALES COLLEGE and he ensured that the WHALES COLLEGE will arrange to provide teachers at home and shall cover all the topics of studies to preparation for CIE exams held in May-June 2014 He personally visited our home to make Umer`s moral high and ask his health and very next week of visit he fulfilled his commitment for home studies and arranged Sir Nasim and Sir Fawad accordingly to teach him in more efficient and effective manner at home. We would like to thanks for your great support to us to you and your entire team especially Miss Saima, Sir Nasim & Sir Fawad in order to preparation for CIE exams held in May-June 2014.

Parents of Umer Mughal, Class O3
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