Testimonials by Teachers

Working in WHALES is an amazing experience, under one roof i got the opportunity to work with top notch faculty in town. In WHALES every teacher has its own class and every teacher is well known due to his teaching style. And all giant name have one objective in their mind, to provide the best quality education in WHALES COLLEGE. There are so many reasons that WHALES COLLEGE is different from other institutions. WHALES is the only institute who ensures that students must avoid tuition. WHALES is also known as best teaching faculty in town the motive is not to compromise with students grades. Last but not the least the WHALES paper pattern never allows students to focus in other activities which can effect their grades. WHALES conduct monthly tests, quizzes, assignments and term wise papers so that students can evaluate their own performance.

It has been an awesome experience to serve the WHALES as faculty because it has been the same institution where I have once student. Allhamdolilah it has been 7 years of my affiliation with this institution. My perception as a student was used to be highly satisfactory with the academics but as a faculty my perception got completely changed that this institution provides the best combination of academics and Extra curricular activities,enabling the students to unleash their potential and helping them to break their shell of shyness and that is the reason the students of WHALES are competing with all well known schools of the city and are proving themselves in all formats of the school activities. Hoping to continue my affiliation and strengthening it further InshAllah. I wish best of luck to WHALES and for upcoming WHALES college for their future endeavors.

Experience in WHALES COLLEGE is very excellent. WHALES COLLEGE mostly sets one-on-one coffee meeting with the teachers and discussing their problems (if any)and as well as future planning and see if there is any thing WHALES COLLEGE can do to help them in any matter. WHALES COLLEGE appreciates hard works.The system is molded in a way for employees to get most out of them. WHALES COLLEGE show their teachers and employees that institute trust on them, which is really a big motivation factor.WHALES COLLEGE leaves his door open for all, and some time encouraging words can play the miracles. WHALES COLLEGE management always pay attention to the hard workers and some time just saying simple hearty "thank you" is more than enough.

I have been teaching in WHALES for past two years. I found teaching here in WHALES very challenging and enjoyable. I observe that the institution has very professional and goal oriented environment. Every day is a learning day in WHALES both for teachers and students. In my point of view the thing that differentiates WHALES from other institutions is a commitment to achieve academic excellence; Students of WHALES don`t need to go for tuitions, which save their precious time and money. I feel that system in whole is very sensitive regarding students academic and moral progress and growth, which urge both teachers and management to work with dedication and professional commitment.

The time spent at WHALES is one of the great learning experience. The teachers as well as the administration is simply phenomenal. The WHALES have great teachers who not only teach but serve in the intellectual growth of the students. I think the teaching faculty is a big asset of WHALES.

Teaching at WHALES COLLEGE is an awesome experience, the whole team of WHALES COLLEGE is out of the world, its a great pleasure working with the whole team.The concept of WHALES COLLEGE is entirely different, we not only teach here but also groom them, prepare them not only for exams but for the upcoming practical life.

My Experience of teaching at WHALES has been quite strange. Strange in a sense that I never saw such an open, free and relaxed academic environment in my life. Although I have been teaching English for the last 15 years. Here at WHALES students do not take studies as burden, instead they enjoy learning by spending hours and hours under the supervision of extremely learned teachers.

Working at WHALES COLLEGE had been to my satisfaction I get a chance to be in touch with my students 7 days a week and after college every day due to the evening program, I enjoy delivering chemistry concepts to all my students more conveniently and get a chance to understand them more than any other colleges, where I am restricted to college timings only. Students get a chance to attend multiple revision classes in the evening for strengthening their concepts or to coupe up for the regular classes missed due to certain unavoidable reasons. While I get chance to evaluate my students not only on monthly basis test but also by conducting four full fledged exams each year before annual examinations which allow me and the parent to assess the students more thoroughly compare to only two exams each year in other colleges. I am really thankful to WHALES to allow me to satisfy my students for all their chemistry needs by providing me and my students access to their facilities 7 days a week and after school when needed this eradicate the need for any extra Tuition for my subject and takes of financial burden from parents.

I am proud to see that hundreds of students have benefited from WHALES intensive morning/evening tuition and free workshops. This is what WHALES is all about providing the right atmosphere and environment for students to make choices that put them on the pathway to security and success. We combine traditional values with a modern approach and technologies to ensure that all courses are delivered and taught in the most efficient and effective way for examination success. Class rooms are all equipped with the essential components that are mandatory for teaching and learning. I observed WHALES aim is to provide an effective education in our town that is focused on examination success, enabling students to enter their chosen university. At WHALES teachers strive to know each studentís strengths and weaknesses so that through our skills and vast experiences we may ensure that excellence is achieved. I found WHALES students have positive attitudes to learning and their behavior is outstanding. WHALES philosophy is to promote the joy of learning and knowledge while maintaining the sharpest possible focus on the examinations. We place huge emphasis on the time-management in all aspects and we ensure that students are constantly assessed on their knowledge. WHALES also believe in providing distinct extracurricular facilities under one roof. Sports competitions, talent shows, in house activities, farewell parties and graduation ceremonies all have been organized magnificently. Laptops were awarded to all high achievers to encourage them to put in more efforts. All these things of WHALES, makes it a unique place to learn and have fun.

وہیل کالج ایک ایسی درس گاہ نہیں ہے جہاں روایتی طریقہ تعلیم اپنایا جاتا ہے، بلکہ یہاں نئے نئے تجربات اور انداز سے پڑھانے کا موقع ملتا ہے،جس سے نہ صرف اُستاد بلکہ طلبہ کی بھی ذہنی صلاحیتیوں میں بیش بہا اضافہ ہوتا ہے ۔ اس کی بنیادی وجہ بذاتِ خود وہاج حسین صاحب کا اُستاد ہونا ہے، کیونکہ ایک اُستاد ہی دوسرے اُستاد کو یہ موقع فراہم کرتا ہے۔بحیثیت اُستاد یہ میری خوش بختی ہے کہ میں اس ادارے سے وابستہ ہوں جہاں میں آذادانہ اپنے طلبہ کے اذہان میں اللہ کی طرف سے دیے گئے علم کو منتقل کرنے کی بھرپور سعی کرتا ہوں۔ میں ساتھ ساتھ شکر گزار ہوں وہاج حسین صاحب کا کہ ہر ہر قدم پر اُن کی رہنمائی میرے شاملِ حال رہتی ہے۔ اس درس گاہ میں داخل ہونے والےطلبہ نہ صرف ہوشیار بلکہ سیکھنے کے جذبے کے ساتھ آتے ہیں۔ انھیں تعلیم دینے میں ایک گونہ طمانیت کا احساس ہوتا ہے

I have been teaching since 1996 and taught in many reputable institutions however the institution where I observed great change regarding the curriculum is WHALES. It is only WHALES where teachers and students can get a real friendly environment for learning process. WHALES provided some very important tips regarding teaching strategies and now I feel quite comfortable while teaching in any institution. Thank you WHALES.

I have been teaching O/A level Physics for last 12 years in different schools of Karachi and I am associated with WHALES for last 2 years. My experience with WHALES is different from other schools in many ways. The best thing I observed over here is the working environment and the student-teacher relationship which help a lot to groom the students. I always find imparting knowledge easy due to the favorable conditions and a well equipped and resourceful environment which makes my teaching more effective and I enjoy my work a lot. The management of WHALES is totally focused on supporting the academics so that the maximum output of teaching and learning can be obtained. I strongly think that if the whole team of WHALES keeps on working with the same enthusiasm and commitment then very soon it would be the market leader in O/A level education in Pakistan.

I have been in teaching for the last 13 years but it always gives me pride to teach in WHALES COLLEGE. The main reason of being there is a supportive management. I can take work from my students as I want and the way I want it. There is no hassle between students and teachers. Overall the atmosphere of the college allows me to provide students with unique opportunities for personal and professional growth by increasing their competence and improving their skills for learning. The Management of WHALES always there to support teachers in their work and extra class activities.

My ability to motivate students and share a love of learning fosters a successful classroom environment. ...I am so excited and privileged of being part of the village that raises your child to meet future challenges in a way which brings an everlasting positive impact over society at WHALES COLLEGE.

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