Testimonials by Alumni

WHALES COLLEGE was a tremendous experience for me. Being a part of WHALES COLLEGE I have experienced everything over here, ranging from fun to good grades. The faculty is outstanding and very cooperative. I had spent my best time of life here. Two years of my entire life were no doubt the best of all, especially the teachers. They are more like a family.

Faiza Batool (Batch - 2013) Currently doing CA
Hey guys! What should I say about my 2 years journey at WHALES it can`t be describe in 500 words as I was told to do but well HERE IT IS!! Summarized and with the best selected experiences. Back in O-levels I was very Brand conscious especially in selecting A-LEVEL college like every O-L graduate I had created my mind to do my A-LEVELS from a very renown and prestige college in town but my experience with so called TOP SCHOOLS wasn`t satisfying me to continue my brand loyalty but still I wasn`t able to make myself understood of WHAT is RIGHT AND WRONG and after long discussion with my parents my mother made a decision of sending me into WHALES for A-LEVELS. And my entire A-LEVEL castle in the clouds went with a cyclone. From here my journey starts at WHALES COLLEGE and in the start I wasn`t accepting the reality and what was I wondering? That this program will be as same as coaching center where there would be no social life and famed teachers like other schools but all my assessment went wrong and WHALES started to stretch its legs in both academics and extracurricular activities and in less than a month I was praising my mother decision on getting me into WHALES COLLEGE and these two years at WHALES help me to built my confidence level with additional skills necessary in an individual student life. Today I can proudly say that I had been a part of WHALES as a first batch of morning venture and I m moving on to the next step of life with a profusion, large and fair amount of memories which are UNFORGETTABLE! *LOVE YOU WHALES*

Syed M Faisal
Hello people! My experience at WHALES COLLEGE was just amazing, cannot be defined in words. It have been now 4 years Alhumdulilah since I am a part of WHALES family. I did A levels from WHALES. These 4 years not only taught me about education but also made me able to go through the other parts of life as well. WHALES is a complete package for a proper human building. It gives you confidence and strength to stand at the right place with high chin and proud shoulders. I proudly say today, that the person I am today is because of WHALES. The continuous efforts of teachers and administration to make the best of the student is much appreciating. Constant motivation, counselling and a proper check by Sir Wahaj himself is something which you cannot find in other schools. This is like a cherry on the top. Trust me, the best place for real education is WHALES. You don`t have to be a book worm to succeed, you just have to put yourself at the right position and right pathway to lead the world. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." ― Nelson Mandela *cheers* Currently waiting for admission confirmation from "LA TROBE UNIVERSITY"

Namrah Jahangir Akhtar- 2013 Batch
Hello Everyone, My name is Laraib Mohib. I have been associated with WHALES COLLEGE for over a period of 5 years now. My experience has been really good in every way. I A-level subjects at WHALES COLLEGE. The teachers were really supportive and dedicated. They were very helpful and gave advice related to career as well. The administration department really does an amazing job. The feedback system is worth mentioning. The admin takes student feedback very frequently and takes immediate action if a student has a complaint. WHALES COLLEGE has played a key role in building my career and I am proud to have been a part of it. Strongly recommends to all students. Thank you

Laraib Mohib - IBA Graduate (Batch 2010)
WHALES have been running educational and training center for eleven years. We have an excellent studying relationship with the college and I am always impressed by how they take on board our suggestions and adapt to our needs on yearly basis. The team is endlessly patient and flexible despite the last-minute requests. Thank you for your endless efforts.

Usama Sabswari (Batch - 2013) Currently doing CA
I have completed my A levels qualification from WHales and then continue my higher studies in Charted Accountancy. My experience at WHales has created greater insight into how the business world works and laid the initial foundation for my business career. Thank you

Talal Ahmed (Batch - 2013) Currently doing CA
Joined WAHAJ HUSSAIN`S(WHALES COLLEGE) in September 2012 and passed out in 2013. Being an accelerated student it wasn`t easy keeping up with the subjects, but it was possible with the best supportive faculty and management. They were always there whenever I had any problem, they always managed to give us extra time/classes plus the management was very tolerant towards us and took our every suggestion very seriously, due to this I Alhumdulillah cleared all my 3 subjects and I enrolled now in textile institute of Pakistan studying fashion designing and management.

Jaweria Waseem (Batch - 2013) Currently studying in Textile Institute of Pakistan
I joined WHALES to complete my A levels qualification in science department. Since joining WHALES, I have always been welcomed and looked after by all the staff members, it was very rare that such a dedicated team always ask how you are feeling whenever they see you. It`s that personal care by the staff and the member of the institute that supports you completely. I chose to study in the science department and the best thing in studying in this department was the lectures and the combination of exceptional tutors. Learning any module has been so exciting and easy, there is equal focus on practical and theory. Continuous attention from my tutor allowed me to get focused and address all my doubts. Teachers were always ready to help, were very supportive and were always ready to teach us new things. The institute not only focuses on studies but also deals with other social and sports activities. School has different societies and clubs to join in, that give students to relax and enjoy their life while studying. This institute gives student to enjoy the taste of both, education and social life at the same time. People here are very friendly, warm welcoming and supportive. I made loads of friends here that will be my life time friends. I would strongly recommend my friends and relatives to join WHALES as it is one of the best institutes to study in. Thank you

Wajahat Junaid (Batch - 2013) Currently studying (Civil Engineering) from UK
Life is full of miraculous bytes and institutes play a pivotal role in turning these miraculous bytes into a dream come true. With such a boom in the market it is difficult to make out which are the hats off weapons and which are the weapons in the amours chink. In all this calamity stepped in WHALES COLLEGE which not only removed my fallacy but also revitalized the canvas of my in born skills. WHALES COLLEGE has given me wings to fly where the sky has no limits. It has the state of the art faculty who has not only served as teachers but also as my mentors and has given me a goal to shoot for. My tenure in WHALES COLLEGE has been a golden period of my life which I will always treasure because it made me what I am today and allowed me to unlock those skills which were encapsulated within me but I was unaware of them. In a nutshell the time is not far away when the cradle of education will be rocked by WHALES COLLEGE for decades to come. I owe a lot to the teachers of WHALES COLLEGE. WHALES COLLEGE rock! Live long WHALES COLLEGE InshaaALLAH. Thank you

Syed Obaid (Batch- 2013) Currently doing BBA
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