Aptitude Test

      Aptitude test is a procedure for getting admission in institutions & universities, institutions and universities all around the world. In Pakistan, there are various educational institutions which take aptitude test for admission. Students who select different institutions and intent to give aptitude test then they need to prepare for these aptitude tests from different preparation centers. BCAT, ECAT, MCAT and aptitude tests for other institutions are hold annually or bi-annually, for which, students need to prepare accordingly.

      A smaller proportion of students are self-prepared and self-confident for these testing, but a larger proportion of students need assistance from somewhere to get success in applied aptitude test. At this point, it is very important for a candidate to select an institution which can provide best preparation services to achieve success and satisfaction. If a student is not provided satisfactory preparation then student will suffer from monetary, energy and time losses.


Why to join WHALES COLLEGE`s?

  • WHALES College has a philosophy to provide complete career solution from A levels to university admission.
  • We believe in persistent hard working and best techniques to be applied while giving different exams and for that we have qualified professional who will help you in achieving success.
  • WHALES College proudly takes the responsibility to provide best services to our students, hence fulfilling the needs of our students so that they could excel in their academics, professional qualification and career. 
  • Before BCAT/BS, WH provides dedicated professionals to our students along with test preparation materials who inculcate knowledge, confidence and skills to qualify in any exam.
  • Since results and students` grooming is our prime objective, we don`t compromise in our educational standard which stands us apart from others.
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