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CCSP- To align your life goal                 


The A levels of Cambridge qualifications are without any doubt a means to an end and not at all an end in itself. Students work hard to achieve such a grade in all the subjects to qualify for a better university later on. Secondly, many top notch universities have got limited seats and there exists a cut throat competition to clear the test. If some students fail to land in their dream universities they naturally feel dejected.



Categories of Students


Over the last few years we have mainly witnessed three categories of students:


First category comprises of those students who are not sure of their career. These students have mindset that they decide their career on the basis of grades they get in his/her A levels results and hence they get less time to prepare for their dream universities.


Second category comprises of those students who know their potential and are very resolute in their career objective and work diligently to accomplish their dreams by being meticulous in approach and single-minded in their endeavors.


Third category comprises of those students who are talented and studious but they lack direction in the decision making of their career.   



On this backdrop, CCSP has been launched at WHSS which mainly assists the students to finalize the career pathway of the students in the early month of their AS qualifications or ideally during O levels so that students at least can decide the career upfront and thereby better equip themselves academically during their AS/A-2 level accordingly.


Knowing the grades requirements in their early AS level can motivate the students to work hard to accomplish their goals more effectively. Moreover, we as facilitators can provide the necessary resources in shaping the personality and skill of the students in such a way that the admission in the dream university can be assured in view of the fierce competition in their dream universities.



We strongly believe that CCSP will go a long way in improving the overall grades of the students in AS/A-2 levels qualifications because the students will pursue them with a target in their mind which will surely make them more energetic and enthusiastic in their studies. 














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