It goes without saying that the present generation is endowed with immense talent, hence we intend to create such an environment where the present generation becomes ready to face the challenges head on rather than giving way to frustration.

In the face of this reality, many business schools have begun focusing on leadership workshop and well-designed tools to nurture the budding managers for future human resource needs. In the same vein, we at our own level, where the average age of students is 16 years, an idea of leadership can be infused in the personality of students as not many of the lads are born with these skills.

We strongly believe that this is the right time to shape the youth in their most dynamic and formative period of their life.

How we plan to do it:

  • To provide an educational aura where everybody feels motivated in their task
  • To instill a can-do approach
  • By organizing leadership conferences and sending our teams to various noted leadership conferences of business schools.
  • By organizing inter-campus competition and inter-sections competitions and inter-school competition of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities on frequent basis.
  • By inviting motivational speakers to the campus.
  • By engaging in students-run societies, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities


  • By making WHALES COLLEGE GOVERNMENT to run the various affairs of the college through

         -         WHALES COLLEGE governing council

         -         WHALES COLLEGE Executive council

         -         WHALES COLLEGE Standing committees

 Hence making them a part of decision making.




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