WHALES COLLEGE` Students Council


 This is how WHALES COLLEGE is going to be run now onwards. This is purely student’s decision making body which can suggest, debate and finalize the critical and non-critical decisions pertaining to students’ affairs, which may be curriculum, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.        

Objective of WHALES COLLEGE Government:

       To empower the students of WHALES COLLEGE in making important decisions of their campus so that a sense of ownership can be infused in them and their representation in the final consultative and decision making body will make them learn the fundamentals of leadership.

 Functions of WHALES COLLEGE Government:

       There are various occasions in the campus in yesteryears where decisions by the administrations are not in good taste with the students’ body due to apparent lack of empathy and students did not have a say in the verdict. Against this backdrop, the jurisdiction of this government spreads over a large number of students’ affairs, viz;

  • The types of student’s activities’ inside and outside the campus.
  • Organizing different events inside and outside the campus.
  • Elections of Head Boy and Head Girl and their deputies who will eventually become the chief executive of the WHALES COLLEGE Government.
  • Maintaining discipline in the campus and fixing responsibility through collective decision making as per prescribed code of conduct.
  • Managing finance of different projects of the college.  
  • Managing different societies and organizing various events as per annual activity calendar and making amendments if needed.
  • Managing libraries and organizing competitions.
  • Managing leadership and entrepreneurship departments after getting relevant training and then guiding others.
  • Suggesting improvements in the academic schedules, class timings and examinations time table if they find them incongruent with students.
  • Generating charity for the under-privileged stratum of society on regular basis.
  • Assessing the recommendations suggested by the standing committees and implementing them if they are effective after discussion with the chairman. 
  • And any other matter of interest and concern which have some bearing on overall well-being of students in any way.

 WHALES COLLEGE Government’s major aims

  • WHALES COLLEGE student’s council
  • WHALES COLLEGE executive committee
  • WHALES COLLEGE standing committees.

 WHALES COLEGE student’s council

Composition of council:

      The success of any democracy can be assured if their populace is duly represented; hence promoting proportional representation in true spirit is our objective. At least two to four students will be nominated from each section of the campus for the student’s council. The student’s council would be headed by Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and all the debate, discussions and recommendations would be tabled in front of executive committee.


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